Oikoskopio is a web mapping application for the Greek environment designed and managed by WWF Greece. Its aim is to offer easily-accessible, dependable and comprehensive information on the Greek environment to every interested citizen or public service.

This information is derived from either official data of public services, review analyses of publicized scientific papers and reports, as well as data originating from other WWF Greece projects and activities. Oikoskopio also offers data on the presence or absence of protected and other important flora and fauna species, by regional unit. Data on species under a threat category have been indexed from the most recent Greek Red data Books and the distribution of protected flora species were drawn from the “Chloris”* database of endemic plants.

The mapping application and its supporting database were originally developed by QUERCUS S.A. and later upgraded to their present forms by GEODIV, the objective being to bring the Oikoskopio appearance and tools up to date, in accordance with current trends and user needs.

WWF Greece plans to regularly update Oikoskopio online and enrich both the application and the database with information and data.

Oikoskopio and all its accompanying databases and applications were co-funded by the non-profits J.S. Latsis Foundation, A.G. Leventis Foundation, Bodossaki Foundation and MAVA Fondation pour la Nature, as well as with funds provided by WWF Greece supporters. The translation of the Oikoskopio mapping application into English was realized with the kind contribution of the Bodossakis Foundation, in acknowledgment of the added value that the dissemination of data concerning the Greek environment to an English speaking audience provides to such a web mapping application.